Frequent Q&A

What platforms do you build the websites on?

We specialize in WordPress websites. Contact us for information if you are interested in Wix.

What does 'customize a pre-made website theme' mean?

We customize the fonts, colors, images and graphics and we’ll create a logo for you if you need one. The layout is the one element that will stay consistent to the theme. So, choose the pre-made website that you like most to customize it. In case you would like to use a completely custom webiste check our Custom Website section and send us your request or questions by email.

How many pages will include my pre-made website package?

We create up to 5 pages, which typically include the home, blog page, and 3 other pages. However, remember that our websites are scalable so you can add as many extra pages to it for an additional fee at any time that you request it.

What is the difference between custom websites and pre-made website package?

In the custom website package we are creating a completely custom website and in the pre-made website we use a website that we built to give our clients an affordable option of a professional website.

What if I have not a logo?

Do not be worry! We’ll create a professional logo for you without any extra charge. We’ll create 3 logo option to choose one from, one revision and we’ll release the finale logo vector in the formats EPS, PNG, JPEG. So let’s get start it!

Do you offer ecommerce sites development?

Yes, we do offer ecommerce sites we use Woocommerce platform one of the most used platforms for e-commerce in the market. Check out our Customize Website section for more information.

After my website is finished Can I make content changes myself?

Yes, we believe that learning to manage your website is pretty important so you will get one hour of how to make changes and update your website.

Do you offer plan payments?

Yes, we can work a payment plan for you. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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